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Rotary Club of Greenville Morning

Greetings Rotarians and Friends,


Rotary has always been an organization of betterment, both on a grand and local scale. Our Greenville Morning Rotary club purposely leans toward the latter in focus and scope. We consistently strive to help where we can by identifying ways in which our funds and, more importantly, efforts can bring about positive results for the local community. We don’t necessarily look for the biggest or most noticeable impact, and we often neglect to herald the projects we undertake, but we are consistently out there doing what we can. We leverage what we can do against what is needed, and we have a diverse membership with an expansive skillset to support that.

For example, our club regularly procures and prepares meals for the Community Crossroads Center, thus allowing their organization a chance to allocate scarce time and resources elsewhere. We have recently engaged in a project with Saving Graces 4 Felines to help provide some much-needed equipment and funding to help place homeless cats with foster and forever families. Our resident woodworking expert, Bill Smith, used donated materials to create a plethora of furniture for the cats to take with them on their journey which, for many, is likely their first sense of stability.

You might not hear about everything we do, but our fellowship leans heavily into building goodwill and better friendships and making every effort to do good things that will be beneficial to all concerned. We try to make our local community a better place for everyone, have some fun, and make new friends in the process.

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